Watching the dust settle

This past weekend at 2014 @CrossFitGames Mid-Atlantic Regionals marked, in many ways, what feels like the end of a road. While the innate “Achiever” (check out @StrengthsFinder) in me usually just slows down to roll through the STOP sign and continue on, I feel this road is one worth stopping for a second and checking that rear-view mirror.dr

I pride myself on being flexible, adaptable, and going with the flow while trying to read the directions form the big guy upstairs. I have spent the last year of my pharmacy school education floating around the country trying to, in pure CrossFit style, constantly vary the training I received from @CampbellCPHS. In my attempts to train to be a “generalist” pharmacist, I was deliberate in choosing a broad array of practice areas and sought to get the best training available. This decision, however, lead me on a unique adventure from working at home; to living on the Colorado River just outside a Mojave Indian Reservation in Parker, Arizona; to the busy streets of Bethesda, Maryland and DC; back to small towns (Wilson, NC); and some of the largest most well respected academic medical centers in the country, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (Winston-Salem, NC) and Duke University Hospital (Durham, NC). Although the training was constantly varied each and every month one thing remained the same… no matter where I went I knew where I could go to find FAMILY.
(Admittedly, on several occasions I found myself at a box before I had a place to sleep that month ;x…whoopsy)

While I am, more often than not, guilty of skipping over crucial moments worthy of reflection, I also, regrettably, tend to forget to express much deserved gratitude to the wonderful people who bare their shoulders for me to stand on. So here goes…

To my first box, @H2ACrossFit, thank you so much for letting me become part of your family.
I will always remember that it was you guys who first introduced me to CrossFit, and it was with you guys that I first developed a passion for the community and sport. Thank you for all the support and encouragement that you had given me in the past few years, you have changed my life!

Crossfit RTP, I was with you guys for some of my most difficult and challenging rotations. Thanks for #allthethings including the support, encouragement and laughter through those tough times. Our #playtime kept me sane, without you guys I’m not certain I would have made it! -Danger

To those CrossFit boxes that took me in as their own over this last year, despite me staying for only 4 short weeks at a time, thank you for providing me a constant source of support and motivation to continue training all aspects of my life.
You know who you are… @CrossFitReston, @CrossFitWilson. Y’all are awesome!

Last but not least, @crossfitgso, you guys are family. I cannot find the words to express the gratitude I owe you guys. Hearing the cheers and looking up to see the sea of green machine shirts gave me so much motivation to fight through the difficult challenges I was faced with this weekend. It has been an honor competing for you the past 2 years. The tidal wave of emotions that struck minutes after the final Green Machine victory in Team Event 8 was too simply too much for my usually stoic nature to handle. With those unfamiliar salty beads of wetness running down my face I was overwhelmed with the amount of devotion, love and unwavering support you showed. You have inspired me each and every day to train hard and it was an HONOR represent such a spectacular group of people!

And my brothers and sisters who fought by my side, all I can say is…. BOOM!
So there it is.

The level of competition in the Mid-Atlantic is second to none. And although the Green Machine arguably had the “cojones” to go the distance, fate stepped in with a disappointing jolt of misfortune and ended our road back to the Games this year. So congrats to all my friends who competed this weekend in the Mid-Atlantic! Kim Cocce, Michael Priest, Kim Holway and Gretchen Kittleberger you were a blast to watch!
And good luck to those heading to Carson, represent!!

The sense of community I have experienced over the past year has blown me away. Being able to reunite with so many of the friends I made over the past year was very exciting. No matter where life throws me I know exactly where to go to find good people. I am still a little bit in disbelief that this weekend has come and gone, and although it did not end exactly the way I had hoped, I feel incredibly blessed I have been able to be a part of such and inspiring community!




EMOM: 5-10 Push Press 135/95. 5-10 C2B Pullups. 12 Minutes of work.

WOD: 8 min AMRAP 3 Power Cleans/30 Double Unders/3 Toes To Bar. 6 Power Cleans/ 30 Double Unders/ 6 toes to Bar…. etc. 155/105.

Completed @ CrossFit Greensboro